IT benefits the business world by allowing organizations to work more efficiently and to maximize productivity. Powerfull scripting languages like PowerShell can be used to automate repetitive administrative tasks and reduce the workload.


What is Scriptomatics ?

Olivier always burned with curiosity about science from when he was a little kid. He wanted to become an 'inventor' and loved doing chemical experiments, disassemble old computers... He went studying Industrial Engineering and started working in IT in 2007 after he graduated. Due to constraints and the drive to choose his own exciting path, Olivier started as freelancer to gain more control over projects. So, Scriptomatics was born back in 2015.

Why Scriptomatics ?

  1. You can count on experience with large IT environments since 2007
  2. The broad knowledge of both Windows and Linux worlds
  3. A more complete and better service thanks to both a technical and commercial background
  4. Honest and no-nonsense pragmatic approach
  5. A small, dynamic and flexible company going for the extra mile

Need more Info?

If you want a more detailed view on the professional experience, recommendations, endorsements, ... :
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